Which Type Of Tree Is Best For Smaller Gardens?

Posted on by Andrew Turff

			Which Type Of Tree Is Best For Smaller Gardens?

A tree for a small garden?

So I thought I would bring this is up as my customers frequently ask this question.

Ok so where do we begin with this one, i suppose the first thing I would mention is the location in the garden. Ideally a tree should have the space to form a good crown without any obstruction so ideally away from fences outbuildings etc.

Also while I mention buildings or secondary buildings we should be careful as some small trees have large roots that buttress and the roots can cause damage to the building foundations.

So let's say you have found a good spot, let's say the centre of the lawn or the widest part of the border or flower bed then we can go back to the question.

What tree should I plant in a small garden?

Ok so small garden trees.

If you have a very small garden then maybe a Japanese maple.

Such as Acer palmatum might be a good choice and can always be pruned fit the space.

Moving on, if you have room for a slightly bigger tree and you are just going to stick to one tree then we need to think a bit harder.

Ok I'm going to start with one of my personal favourites, Malus or crab apple is a beautiful tree there are many different varieties some of the things you can enjoy are beautiful flowers covering the entire tree bright red fruit on some varieties and an easy tree to shape and control in a smaller space.

Amelanchier or serviceberry is also a great choice as above with the crab apple this to will put on a fantastic show of flowers also amazing autumn leaf colour some varieties grow multi stem from the base they are also easy to prune and shape.

Following on from the amelanchier the cercis siliquastrum or Judas tree is a good tree for a multi stem tree with a beautiful rosy - lilac pea like flower.

My absolute favourite is crataegus laevigata Paul's scarlet has such a beautiful double red flower that smothers the tree in May taking over from the flowering cherries and providing its own show.

It also does well in just about any soil and tolerates air pollution and can be pruned to fit most gardens.

So there's a few choices just my two pennies worth I hope this blog has helped.

If you would like more information on any more trees then feel free to message me.