We Undertake Tree Inspections For Customers

Posted on by Andrew Turff

			We Undertake Tree Inspections For Customers

Tree inspection for Customers

I really really love my job and I have learned many valuable things over the years from lots of different sources such as college, books, YouTube videos and Instagram. 

I can think of lots more sources but I have learnt most of what I know actually undertaking work on a daily basis and talking to arborists like me, we all have knowledge to pass on and it helps to fill in the blanks.

I also like helping my customers when I can showing them how they can inspect there own trees.

It's very valuable to have an idea especially when a tree is large enough that if it were to shed a limb it could seriously injure or even kill somebody.

Okay so with that said it is very rare that people get seriously injured and even more rare for it to be fatal however prevention is better than cure so hear goes this is what I tell my customers.

Trees even at there best have a natural failure rate, I've seen trees that are hollow stand up to the worst winds were a healthy tree gets wind blown or loses a large limb.

I think it's being able to see the warning signs and pass on your findings to your arborist for the things you can control is the best you can do as a homeowner.

Some of the signs could be on a leaning tree there could be cracks in the lawn showing the roots could be lifting.

Or fungi around the base of the tree or bracket fungus on the base or trunk tells you the wood has been compromised in some way or another and should always be looked at even if it's friendly fungi just feeding on deadwood it's still a sign of weakness.

Looking from the ground all the way up the stem and following each side branch out to see if there are and splits in the branches a pair of binoculars can come in very handy.

One of the most over looked areas is symmetry, a tree should be fairly well balanced, but it doesn't have to be perfect.

The good news is whenever I have been asked in the past by one of my customers about a problem its normally something that can be easily corrected, it's rare that a tree requires a full removal maybe just some light pruning to correct.

If you ever need help with your trees remember our advice at Andrews Arboriculture is free so call me on  01493 719598  or 07445811529, I enjoy talking trees and finding practical solutions if anything is actually required to be done.