Garden Renovation Service

A garden after renovation by Andrews Arboriculture

What is a garden renovation?

Garden renovation can involve several aspects of arboreal work, these include tree and shrub pruning, hedge trimming, tree and shrub planting and then finally mulching.

Why do you need a garden renovation?

You may have inherited or bought a new home which is lovely, but the garden maybe needs some hard work to make it a useful and enjoyable space.

What's involved in a garden renovation?

Garden renovations are all different, some people are looking for a simple hedge trim, shrub pruning and mulching of the plants, for others a garden renovation or clearance can be tree felling or removal, stump grinding, hedge removal ready for fencing and then tree and shrub planting with mulching afterwards.

Why employ an arborist for your garden renovation?

Sometimes you find yourself with a garden that is just a mess or very tired from neglect, with overgrown hedges and shrubs, trees that need a good prune, maybe some old tree stumps.

It can take special equipment and a lot of hard labour to recover a garden once it gets to a certain stage of unruliness. And of course, this could be beyond your means either physically or timewise, to get the garden back to looking its best.

An arborist will have the specialist equipment, time and expertise necessary to complete the toughest of garden renovations or clearances.

Who uses Andrews Arboriculture's garden renovation service?

There are two main categories of people who use our service, firstly homeowners and secondly property developers and landlords.

Homeowners who find they have no time, energy or lack the knowledge to complete a garden renovation are our main clients for this service. Although all the specialist equipment needed for a garden renovation can be hired, it's hard physical work and you will need the knowledge to use it correctly and safely without causing damage or injury. One reason to employ an expert.

We have found that property developers and landlords wanting to prepare a property prior to rental, find our service, both cost-effective and time-efficient. We can be working on the garden renovations while other trades are working on the property itself, leading to a reduced timeframe.

At Andrew's Arboriculture we pride ourselves on completing a full day of work and on leaving the site clean and tidy, most clients have been surprised at the volume of work completed by the team in a short period of time.

If you want to discuss a garden renovation or clearance project, please call Andrew at Andrews Arboriculture on 07445811529 or 01493 719598.