Tree & Shrub Mulching Services

Bark chips spread out level on the soil to act as a mulch.

Why is mulching important?

Mulching has multiple benefits for gardeners including weed suppression, soil improvement, it's beneficial for retaining moisture and also provides insulation, important factors when trying to reduce your workload in the garden and in maintaining healthy plants.

What is mulch?

Mulch is material that you spread over the ground as a cover. Mulch can be either organic, such as bark, wood chips, leaves, straw, compost etc. or inorganic like shale, pebbles, rocks, etc. Organic mulch will over time be absorbed into the soil and so will enhance the structure of the soil beneath, not so with non-organic mulches. Mulching with organic materials adds organic content to your soils, this also helps the soil hold onto water without becoming water logged. Plus, mulch reduces evaporation, which further helps your garden retain water.

Applying mulch

Mulch can be applied around all trees and shrubs but should not be formed up around the trunk of the plant but instead should form a collar dipping down to ground level at the trunk. The benefits of this as stated above are multiple but also have the added benefit of adding nutrients to the soil as it decomposes and provides a stable environment for root to grow. Mulch should stay on top of your soil and not be tilled into the soil.

The disadvantages of mulching

There are only a few disadvantages of mulching, firstly, is the time and energy taken to apply a good thick layer over the soil, this is where employing an experienced arborist such as Andrew's Arboriculture helps, the advantages far outweigh the investment needed up front. Secondly is the possibility of introducing contaminated materials - materials that have a pesticide or herbicide residue on them. Straw and animal manure are the types most likely to have this issue. Wood chips and bark are generally safe. And of course, if you are using organic matter from your own garden there should be no issues.

At Andrew's Arboriculture all arisings can be turned into either logs and/or mulch, which means this can then be used to benefit your garden and of course they are free.

The shredder we use at Andrew's Arboriculture is a powerful but compact machine which means we are can often take it to the source and are not limited to where we can get it, it also means we don't always have to drag the branches through your garden to a large shredder leaving you with a clean and tidy garden.