Stump Grinding Service

Stump Grinding

What is stump grinding or removal?

Stump grinding is the process of partially or wholly removing a stump and roots after a tree has been felled or a hedge has been removed.

A stump grinder is the most efficient and quickest way to remove the stump.

Most stump grinders are heavy-duty machines that have a spinning disc with teeth as a cutting head. This head is swept across the stump to break down the stump and roots into small pieces.

Depending on the size and spread of the root system, sometimes some roots are left after stump grinding, normal practice is to grind to about 10" (25cm) below the surface.

Usually, all grinding are left on-site to help backfill the stump cavity.

Why should you remove the stump?

There are several reasons for removing tree stumps, which is a popular service we provide.

  • They are unsightly, some people don't like them
  • Stumps remove some of the available space to use in a garden
  • They may be a trip hazard and a risk of injury
  • The root could harbour disease, which could spread throughout your garden
  • They may be in the way of future structures, such as on a housing development site

How much does tree stump removal cost?

Since trees or shrubs can be of different species, stump grinding and tree stump removal cost can vary, as the roots may be quite hard to pull, have difficult branch patterns to cut, or have more undergrowth to cut.

Andy from Andrew's Arboriculture will provide you with a quote according to what he sees, although total removal costs can vary as there is no guarantee regarding how complex the root system actually is! This will only be revealed as the work commences.

Why should I use Andrews Arboriculture for stump grinding?

Stump grinding is a core part of our arboreal services, and so we ensure our equipment is serviced and well maintained. 

We will protect your property and area from damage or debris and ensure the safety of the staff and the public.

You avoid the use of chemicals to remove the stump, some people resort to using various chemicals as a way to remove a stump, this is a slow and often not effective method.

You will get minimal ground disturbance following tree and hedge stump grinding and removal, we will leave the area tidy and ready for turfing, seeding or planting.

We pride ourselves on leaving your property looking clean and tidy after removing your tree stump. Our team will collect, bag up and remove any wood chips they create during their work if you want this, but it is more usual to leave the chips in a neat pile for you to use as backfill.