About Our Topiary Services

Neatly trimmed topiary bushes planted in a row with lavender between.

What is Topiary?

Wikipedia defines Topiary as:-

Topiary is the horticultural practice of training perennial plants by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees, shrubs and subshrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes, whether geometric or fanciful. The term also refers to plants that have been shaped in this way. As an art form, it is a type of living sculpture. The word derives from the Latin word for an ornamental landscape gardener, topiarius, a creator of topia or "places", a Greek word that Romans also applied to fictive indoor landscapes executed in fresco.

Topiary clipping, sometimes referred to as the 'Art of Living Sculptures' or the 'Art of Living Architecture' is as old as gardening itself dating back to ancient Egypt.

Topiary is not the same practice as hedge-trimming, it is more the art of producing shapes on single plants or shrubs. Common shapes are spheres, balls, cones, pyramids, columns and spirals and even animal shapes.

Common species used for topiary are:-

  • Bay (laurus nobilis)
  • Beech (fagus sylvatica)
  • Box (buxus sempervirens)
  • Hawthorn (crataegus)
  • Holly (ilex aquifolium and crenata)
  • Holm Oak (quercus ilex)
  • Hornbeam (carpinus betulus)
  • Laurel (prunus l. novita,)
  • Laurel (prunus l. Rotundifolia)
  • Osmanthus (osmanthus Burkwoodii)
  • Privet (Ligustrum)
  • Photinia Red Robin (photinia x fraseri)
  • Portugese laurel (prunus lusitanica)
  • Yew (taxus baccata)

Traditionally subjects for topiary have usually been evergreens, such as box or yew, so that you retain a permanent feature throughout the seasons, but now some people have opted to use beech or hawthorn.

When to clip?

Trim annually with topiary shears or hedge-cutters in early or late summer to keep a specimen in shape. Faster growing species may need to be trimmed twice or more each season. Suckers and unwanted branches can also be removed at this time.

At Andrew's Arboriculture we use our expertise to offer a topiary service using the finest hand tools or petrol hedge trimmers to create the desired shape and size required.

If you want to discuss a topiary project, please call Andrew at Andrews Arboriculture on 07445811529 or 01493 719598.