Tree And Shrub Planting Service

A seed sprouting into small plant, the seed is laying on bare soil.

Tree and Shrub Planting

Tree and Shrub planting is an important part of Andrew's Arboriculture's business, we always ensure that the correct species of plant is chosen for any given situation and that it is planted in the correct position and also in the correct way, as well-planted gardens can increase the value of your property, as well as give you great pleasure.

Andrew will also give friendly advice on when and where to plant your trees and shrubs, many times incorrect advice has been given resulting in trees or shrubs being in the wrong location which either means the plants do not thrive or can cause damage to structures and property.

Andrew's Arboriculture offers the complete planting service from helping you choose the correct trees or shrubs for your location, purchasing and planting and then staking and mulching if necessary.

Planting Trees

In the UK most trees will benefit from being planted between mid-November to late March. This is when the tree roots are dormant and can cope better with being moved.

Andrew can offer advice on the various aspects of trees, you may want a particular bark type or leaf colour.

If you’re planting a single tree think about where you’re planting it in relation to your property. With some species of trees, the roots and branches may spread beyond the boundaries of your property and trees can sometimes cause structural damage. Be aware of places where limbs may fall or roots might grow. Other things to consider when planting trees is the amount of shade they will create both on your property and neighbours, will they interfere with overhead power cables and will they be damaged by rabbits or deer while growing.

Planting Shrubs

With most shrubs now being sold in containers, planting is an option at any time of the year, although this is still best done when the shrub is dormant. Shrubs can be bought in various sizes depending on your budget, some people can afford to go for the instant effect and buy large shrubs, while others may have to buy small and watch them grow. 

Again like with trees shrubs vary greatly, some giving beautiful autumn leaf colour or maybe winter berries for the birds, Andrew will be able to advise on the best plants for your needs, why not give him a call for a friendly chat on 07445811529 or 01493 719598.